Clicking Conseil Maroc
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Clicking Conseil Maroc
  • We help you in creating your business.

We can assist you in developing your business plan, negotiating with your contacts (or other bank), in developing contracts or memorandum of association, and in creating the legal structure of your business.

We fit your business plan and will advise you when you want to send us the data and the shape of the latter. From these data, we write your business plan and put it in a professional manner. If you prefer, we can make your business plan from start to finish, including research data.

Of course your choosing the framework and limits of our work.

  • We advise you and / or take care of starting your business.

For a lump sum, we create your business according to the legal structure chosen (SA or SA). The package includes the development of statutes, the linkage and coordination between you, bank, notary and register trade and processing of information. Notary fees and expenses of the commercial register are included in the package. A single invoice for a single contact.

Some features (shareholders agreement, contracts for specific partners, etc..) Are billed separately and time, as needed. The hourly rate also applies to the CNS, branches and other types of companies.