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You can trust us with various tasks in order to concentrate your resources and energy to developing your business. Our flat-rate services, ranging from accounting to the closure of accounts, to payroll management, taxation, VAT management, social management charges, billing, cash management, taxation, etc. .

We provide you with sample documents and ways you can minimize your costs and optimize the performance of these tasks.

You can supplement or replace packages for hourly fees. These include in particular the tasks of advice, analyzes, whether in legal, financial management, the cost analysis.

The flat-rate system covers most business needs. It includes, as needed, keeping the accounts, the annual accounts, payroll management, VAT, payroll, taxation, cash management, invoicing, archiving etc..

The obvious benefit to you is the anticipation, planning and the elimination of uncertainty and penalties in administrative costs.

The flat-rate system is in part standardized and requires compliance with certain procedures and use of media materials. The set will minimize the cost of benefits and allows, indirectly, to establish effective management of your documents, legal deadlines and generally ensuring regular monitoring of your business. Using our models centralizes information, which substantially reduces the cost, so the price of our work. Our models and procedures are most often an impact virtually nonexistent on your own process, and always positive, optimizing the cost / effectiveness.

If your needs are specific or you want to work only with your own methods, the hourly fees supplement or replace the system fixed. We adapt to your requirements then completely without constraints for you.